Phillips Banjos


Rounder: I play one of the prototypes for this model with the Morgantown Rounders. This is the kind of banjo I've always loved. Simple design, solid construction, nothing fancy. This model comes with a 12" maple rim and a three piece hardwood neck, either walnut or cherry with a 2-way adjustable truss rod. The fingerboard and peghead overlay are both ebony and the fingerboard has side dot position markers. The neck has a Dobson style heal and a frailing scoop. It is available in 2 color schemes, natural cherry neck and natural maple rim with a cherry rim cap to match the neck or natural walnut neck dark stained rim. Both have 5-star planetary tuners, nickel plated hardware, hand-rubbed satin finish and are available fretted or fretless.

Fretless $950.00
Fretted $975.00

Walnut Rounder Peghead

  Fretless Cherry Rounder
Walnut Neck, Dark stained maple rim Cherry Rim